Angelica Faustina Bugil Telanjang

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Angelica Faustina bugil, starting from the appearance of the virgin birth of Jakarta, July 9, 1986 in one of FTV production of Trans TV show, he entered the world of home entertainment. Inadvertently, Angelica Faustina bugil, as he used to be called, offered to work at the television station. Chance that he did not waste it, because he does have an obsession to be a director.

Since appearing on FTV too, Angelica Faustina  a graduate of London School Marketing Department is also often offered other acting roles. Call it, HOLY, my hope and my prayer JULIA Juleha are some of the soap opera he had ever played, although it had not been a main actor.

Angelica Faustina bugil who served as Assistant Production staff are finally gets a leading role. That opportunity came when bids starred on ANGEL'S DIARY.


Birth name: Angelica Simperler

Other names: Angelica Faustina bugil

Date of Birth Place: New York, July 9, 1986

Occupation: Actress

Years active: 2009-Now

Simperler Gustav (father)
Lies Hartiningsih (mother)

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