The Sexiest Girl Olla Ramlan Bugil

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Febiolla Ramlan better known as Olla Ramlan bugil is a bloody actress Dayak. Women born in Banjarmasin, February 15, 1980 is starting a career in entertainment after admission as the selection of finalists Mode Cover Girl 1997. Is his brother, Lolitha Ramlan mesum who secretly send the form on behalf of Olla. In the event, which also followed Shanty, Olla Ramlan bugil  Favorites managed to become champions.

Then starred in various commercials. In fact, thanks to one of the ads, he was often greeted with the popular 'Morning Donna'. The sixth child of 11 brothers pair Olla Ramlan bugil  and Pissa Assarah Muhammad embarked on an acting career in soap operas Shakila.

As his career began to climb, with daring older brother of Cynthia Ramlan received a proposal boyfriend, Alex Tian. Yet when it was 23 years old Olla Ramlan bugil . Alex is a man of Dutch origin bloody Spain and China that became a model video clip brought Eyes Titi DJ. They were married on May 17, 2003.

Olla Ramlan bugil  seems to have got over her ex-husband, Alex Tian. Currently Olla Ramlan bugil  already have a new lover, a young businessman named Muhammad Aufar Hutapea.

Full Name: Febiolla Ramlan
Nickname: Olla Ramlan, Olla Ramlan bugil 
Place of Birth: Banjarmasin, February 15, 1980
Son To: 6 of 11 brothers
Child Name: Muhammad Ramlan
Mother's Name: Pissa Assarah
Name of Husband: Alex Tian (Former)
Child Name: Sean Michael Alexander

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