Ayu ting ting bugil telanjang hot

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Profil Ayu ting ting bugil Continue dangdut music as a teenager, 19 year old virgin Ayu ting ting bugil was grateful for the music that tells the lower classes, who had some success. "It's so good dangdut singer to sing a little, get paid. For me, singing dangdut baseball problem, as I was doing was legal," Ayu ting ting bugil said.

Because I had ups and downs in his career and still be a success dangdut, Ayu ting ting bugil never tell a parent about his dream to become Ayu ting ting bugil a better artist. Speech is a prayer. Yes, God answered prayer Ayu ting ting bugil.

Shortly after the Ayu ting ting bugil words to the parents, the song shot in the wrong direction the market and the "poison" of the Ayu ting ting hot community.

"Ayu ting ting said while watching TV," When is beautiful like this (success), persecuted journalists, known as Indonesia. "The beauty of baseball soon," said his Ayu ting ting telanjang father Abdul Rojak, located in the same place.

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