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As a new artist, singer Vicky Shu bugil must consider matters of fashion. It was obvious from her appearance daily and on stage. He never separated from her high heels. Vicky Shu telanjang admitted to not believe in yourself if you do not wear it.

It is said, Vicky Shu was already accustomed to wearing high heels with 17 centimeters high. For Vicky Shu, at ease only when enjoyed using it and enjoy. Especially with the ideal posture, Vicky Shu telanjang increasingly look good with high heels Vicky Shu.

However, Vicky Shu admitted he got permission to wear a shoe with a higher right because posture was high. "Posture Vicky Shu telanjang already high, so wear shoes that Vicky Shu heelsnya 16 to 17 inches. Later when Vicky Shu height complained again," said Vicky Shu in Jakarta,

Full name: Vicky Shu
Place of Birth: Cilacap
Date of Birth: July 8, 1987
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 48 Kg
Hobbies: Traveling, Eating, Reading books and Watch DVDs.
Favourite movie: The Wizard Of Oz
Favourite Actor: Al Pacino
Favorite Actress: Judy Garland
Favorite singer: The Authentics, Frank Sinatra

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