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Kiki Amelia is known as a young man who is fast enough sticking out among bugil, presenters and movies. His love relationship with fellow bugil, kiki amelia, so crowded news in print and electronic media. As a result, Kiki amelia is also an option to play countless roles in soap operas. In the soap opera "My name is Safina '(quiz), she got the role of a prostitute. Previously, Kiki amelia bugilis also involved in the movie 'Chain Pig' with paranormal Ki Kusumo.

So, what comments about Amelia Kiki amelia bugil seksi it? "Oh I do not want to know that such things. kiki amelia wrote what he wants, "Kiki amelia bugil said when contacted.

According to the soap star 'My name is Safina' was, indeed today many people who are always searching for him all this ugliness. Therefore he was not concerned with things like that. "I just do not want to care about things like that. I'm also not going to sue. wrote, "said Kiki Amelia bugil.

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