Cinta Laura Bugil Hot Telanjang Nakal seksi

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Year 2012 may be year is eagerly awaited by the singer, 'Oh baby', Cinta Laura Kiehl.
Because her beautiful face will be watched around the world through the film of The Philosoper, filmed Hollywood producer George bugil Zakk and Cybill.

"I do not exist for the main Cinta Laura The Philosopher, because I'm going to college in New York. Actually I want to make a second album Cinta Laura for the separation, but suddenly I got a call from a producer who has experience in a Hollywood movie to be a student Tallent. I'm happy to play in this film, "said Laura Love in the building Sapta Enchantment, bugil the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Jakarta, Friday, August 5, 2011.

Cinta Laura will compete acting with Freddy Stroma starring in the film Harry Potter, James D'Arcy cast in the movie Sherlock Holmes, a former child actor Daryl Sabara Cinta Laura Spy Kid, Sophie Lowe Sanctum and actor Rhys Wakefield.

Cinta Laura Kiehl was born on August 17, 1993 in Quakenbr├╝ck, Germany. His mothernamed Herdiana, SH and his father named Michael Kiehl, a German citizen. When I wasfond childhood love watering plants, playing slide, and swim in the river Cinta Laura not far from his home. From childhood to adolescence he lived outside Indonesia by following his fatherwho worked as the General Manager of "Hotel Grand Hyatt". Because the born and raisedabroad,

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