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Asmirandah telanjang born in Jakarta on October 5, 1989. Actress, commercial, music video director, singer and composer as well, it is their profession. As a multi-talented woman, Asmirandah bugil, familiar greeting, naturally attracted the attention of many men. Asmirandah bugil but rarely near the man seriously.

Love the location involved in one of the novels that starred Asmirandah hot is currently in a relationship with actor Harlin Dude. They claimed to have suffered a serious relationship, even if Asmirandah bugil did not want to reveal about their wedding plans.

Only the fall in love video Asmirandah bugil soap star of the music became. In the video looks bad behavior and beautiful dresses Asmirandah bugil each other when you meet her boyfriend.

"The process of filmmaking and Asmirandah bugil (Rossa) yes, I say again that does not need a model. It was noted that the song was on the day his girlfriend was there, so even though her ​​boyfriend , ga, but always remember that we like the groom of the bed, Asmirandah bugil singing, eating, changing clothes ga ah want to meet her boyfriend in your Asmirandah hot clothes fit, "he said.

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